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Nov 20, 2012 12:00am PST
, if we don't work together, it's impossible. as bill clinton would say it's just arithmetic >> brown: many talk that way and then come in and then look where we are. a very divided country. very divided government. can you give me a specific example of something that interests you, a subject for us now whether fiscal, environmental, energy immigration all kinds of things on the table you're walking into. how would you bridge the difference? >> well, i think one place we have to start is filibuster reform. i mean i think part of the problem is that this institution of the united states senate is largely been dead locked for the past few years and i don't believe i'm a representative of a small state, i don't think we should eliminate the filibuster but i think there are reforms that can be made and it may well be that my first vote on january 3 or 4 will be in that area. i know there's some very substantial discussions going on. most people believe, i think -- we'll find out when the votes are cast -- that something really has to be done because the country has some problems. you list
Nov 17, 2012 12:30pm PST
happened to -- john edwards was blown up. gary hart was blown up. bill clinton was almost blown out of the presidency. anybody that doesn't know this is going to be the consequence of what happens to you if you get involved in this, and you're running the cia is preposterous. >> eleanor. >> he's not the first powerful man to do something fallish when it comes to an extramarital affair, and he won't be the last. but he is, or was, head of the cia, and that could make him a potential target for blackmail. when you look into this, there's not much more here, i don't believe. there's no evidence of a breach in national security. the fbi apparently acted by the book. you don't tip off the white house when you're engaging in a potentially criminal investigation. the agent in florida who then worried that the investigation was being stalled and went to a republican congressman who went to eric cantor, he has an illustrious record. he helped bring down the millennium plot. you can't blame him, either, for his apparent concern that this was not being studied appear prop it i can't tellly. so th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2